Finally! the game I’ve waited 7 years for has resurfaced! It looks like everything I’ve wanted and more. \(; , ;)/

I actually sketched this up in a frenzy before work today during the Sony conference but was unable to upload until now.

So hyped! PS3, PS4… doesn’t matter. Just gimme already!

Fanart of The Big O and Dorothy. Lost motivation after realizing I wasn’t sure how to cast the light and shadow on the piston arms. Finally finished when I referenced some figurine phones a week after I started.

I just watched the entirety of The Big O anime not too long ago. Maybe some of you will remember when it was on Cartoon Network (eons ago). What a brilliant show… it’s too bad the plot became so obtuse and the story was never really completed. Shame they don’t seem to make anime like this anymore. Dorothy is such a sweetheart.

Yes, clearly I’m not hitting that 3 pieces a week target. Ah well. :P

Fanart from my inner fanboy.

The mindset of the companies behind these new consoles have really changed since the start of the previous generation. Reversed, even.

It’s not over yet, however. Not everything is known about the hardware, the games, and the policies affecting the way we play and the control we have. Things can still go downhill for Sony and turn around for Microsoft. And who knows what the general public will choose in the end after all is said and done? 

It’s all up in the air. Now for E3. Poor Wii U…

Congrats to Beowulf for winning. Here’s a Venus picture. Tried to get it done before the announcement was made but couldn’t find time and it took longer than I thought. I guess it’s not like she ever had a chance. Too bad, because she’s fascinating. Felt like she never got the fan art she deserved, but drawing her with all her parasite powers going nuts was a challenge.

This is the last Skullgirls fan art I’ll be doing in a while, now the voting hysteria sweepstakes are done and out. I really wanted Annie to win it was a really tough call. Next week I’ll do something different.

It seems everyone is talking about new palette swaps… What about gender swaps? This game could use some. She’ll beat “The Loving” crap out of anyone who disagrees.

Autographed by the she-wulf herself :P

(Apologies to offended beowulf fans.)

This is my first post on Tumblr. Line art for Annie from Skullgirls.